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Independent, locally owned and produced the Herald is published weekly throughout Fremantle and East Fremantle as well as the booming cities of Melville and Cockburn. Established in 1989, the Herald is the area’s most loved and best delivered paper. In a recent survey 70% of respondents listed the Herald as their main source of information for what’s going on locally, eclipsing all other sources.


Packed with news, features and exciting promotional opportunities the Herald hits up to 81,000 local letterboxes and is also re-published in full online, in traditional and interactive formats. With the “best distribution service in Perth”, the Herald is the most reliable, trustworthy way to deliver your message to thousands of local readers.


A sister paper to the popular Perth Voice, Herald advertisers have the opportunity to reach a combined circulation of over 90,000 letterboxes.


With just one phone call your friendly Herald rep can help you launch your business to thousands of local customers in multiple ways. Let us organise a feature story, with professional photos and copywriting, beautifully designed ads by our talented production team, or a competition to promote your services and delight our readers.  You can target your message to just a few suburbs or the whole region. As well as advertising in the paper, we can organise design, printing and delivery of your flyers or catalogues. We offer online and web services as well. And you can feel confident that we will deliver your message right into people’s homes.



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Herald BOOKING deadlines are Monday
(late bookings may be available - please call 9430 7727). Herald CANCELLATION Deadlines are Monday.

Herald MATERIAL Deadlines are 10.00am Thursday for complete high res PDF artwork.

Loaded pages may not be available at time
of booking.


1 COLUMN 34mm

2 COLUMN 73mm

3 COLUMN 110mm

4 COLUMN 150mm

5 COLUMN 188mm

6 COLUMN 226mm

7 COLUMN 262mm

FULL PAGE SIZE 400mm H x 262mm W

CENTRE SPREAD 400mm H x 550mm W



1 COLUMN 30mm

2 COLUMN 61mm

3 COLUMN 94mm

4 COLUMN 126mm

5 COLUMN 156mm

6 COLUMN 191mm

7 COLUMN 224mm

8 COLUMN 265mm

Front Page 100%

Page 3 / Back Page 50%

Page 5 30%

Page 7 / Page 2 25%

First 11 Pages 20%

Early Right Hand Page 15%


DOUBLE PAGE (400mm H x 550mm W)

40x7 FULL PAGE (400mm H x 262mm W)

28x5 JUNIOR PAGE (280mm H x 180mm W)

20x7 HALF PAGE (200mm H x 262mm W)

40x3  (400mm H x 110mm W)

10x7 STRIP AD (100mm H x 262mm W)

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